Many people are surprised by the large size of the bedding sections, because, at first glance, there are very few of them. In fact, each item has several types, which is why it is recommended to study the terms before buying another set of underwear. In this article we will talk about that relates to the facilities for sleeping and will help you to choose one or the other component.
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List of bed accessories

In addition to standard sheets, duvets, and pillows of the same type, there are many additional accessories for the bed.

  • The lower sheet. This product is a rectangular or square piece of fabric with a processed edge. It is placed on the mattress and tucked under it. It is advisable to check the size of the sheet and the existing mattress before buying so that everything fits the size. Modern stores offer two types of bottom cloths: standard and stretch ones with an elastic band.
Green bed sheet.
  • Short blanket. This item of bed linen is not as popular in Russia as in the West. It is a small bedspread that is placed in the middle or at the end of the bed. The short cloth does not cover the pillows and serves more for decorative purposes. Most often, it can be found in hotels where the aesthetic appearance of beds is particularly carefully monitored, and where the use of a short bedspread is profitable, from a financial point of view, because it is cheaper than usual.
Bed accessories.
  • Long bedspread. The main difference between this product and the previous one is its larger size. It completely covers the sleeping area and hangs down the sides. As a rule, a long blanket is made of wool, cotton, or polyester.
Sleep number bed accessories.
  • Blanket without filler. This item of bedding is a thin cloth without filler. It is also called a summer blanket, because it is light, and in the summer heat maintains an optimal body temperature at night. Blankets without filler are often found in kindergartens. The following fabrics are used for their production: microfibre, wool, polyester, or cotton.
Lofted bed accessories.
  • Covering the blanket. This bedding is used as the final stage during bed cleaning. It is placed on top of the bed linen and is issued with a small amount of filler inside. The blanket is officially the best-selling item of bedding accessories in the United States and Europe. That is why manufacturers try to diversify the range as much as possible because the overall stylistic orientation of the room depends on the blanket.
Sleep number bed parts accessories.
  • Blanket. Blankets with down filling are winter and warmer option. They should be put on a duvet cover. Duvets do not particularly please with the variety of their appearance, in principle, this is not necessary, because its main task is to keep warm in the cold, and the aesthetics are responsible for linen.
Blanket custom design.
  • Duvet cover. The product is designed to protect the duvet cover and is a kind of envelope with a small hole to insert a blanket inside. As a rule, it is included in the set of bed linen, but you can also find separately sold. Duvet covers are divided into several types: with a zipper, buttons, ties, rivets, with a smell and a hole in the top or middle.
Design your own duvet cover.
  • Large decorative pillow. The European square or rectangular pillow has a large size and is used for decorative purposes. It is inserted inside a beautiful pillowcase with lace or satin edges, embroidery or quilted middle, and placed at the head of the bed. The dimensions of this item are 60×60 or 50×70 centimeters. Despite its size, this pillow can not be used for sleeping, it is only needed for aesthetics.
Long decorative pillow
  • A pillow for sleeping. It can be square or rectangular. There are four sizes of pillows for sleeping: large (70×70 or 50×80), medium (50×70), and small (40×60). In Russia, the most popular are square pillows, however, recently the fashion for rectangular elements that came from Europe has become more common.
Sleep number pillow.
  • Small decorative pillow. Used to give the overall appearance of the bed an aesthetic appearance. It is a small pillow size 40×40 or 45×65 centimeters and is sold in a variety of shapes, colors, and stylistic directions. As a rule, a small decorative pillow is decorated with ruffles, lace, embroidery, and rhinestones.
Pottery barn decorative pillow.
  • Pillow-roller. The pillow in the form of a large tube is harder than usual since it is not used for sleeping. It is designed to support your back while watching a movie or reading on the bed, as well as for tired legs. Some phlebologists strongly recommend this item to women who spend all day in heels.
Round decorative pillow.
  • Pillowcase. The pillowcase performs a similar function to a duvet cover and serves to cover the pillow. It can be square or rectangular. Pillowcases come with a zipper attachment or a smell.
Standard white pillowcase.
  • Pillow with a pillowcase. Bedding is intended for decorative purposes. The pillowcase is firmly sewn to the pillow itself and does not come off it. As a rule, these pillows are small in size and are located at the head of the bed.
Colored silk pillowcase.

How to choose?

When buying a set of bed linen, it is recommended to pay attention to some details. For example, when choosing a pillow, you should decide on a convenient shape and size. Square pillows will perfectly complement a large bed, rectangular pillows are more suitable for a small one.

Children are recommended to purchase rectangular versions.


Baby pillow bed.

Accessories also differ in fillers. This is a goose, duck, or Swan down, each of which has its own level of softness. The most expensive and convenient is considered goose.

Blankets are also selected according to the size of the bed. It is better for married couples to take size of 200×200 cm or two blankets of 100×100 if everyone prefers to have their own. The filler is also important, it can be down or sintepon. Fluff is better to warm a cold night, but this blanket will cost more.
Colorful throw blanket.

When choosing a mattress, you need to decide on the type: spring or springless. The first is more practical and affordable. The second has a filler, the type of which depends on the price, as well as the convenience during sleep.

In case of problems with the spine, it is recommended to buy an orthopedic mattress.

Orthopedic mattress queen size.

Designers ‘ tips

The appearance of bed linen, especially bedspreads, is very important since it sets the style of the room in which the bed occupies the most space. For a classic room, white, milk, gold, and brown shades are suitable. Curtains and a blanket in the same color or with similar decorations will look beautiful. Lace, rhinestones, or embroidery are used as decorations for pillows and blanket edges.
Large colorful blanket.

Color options are suitable for a youth or children’s room. Girls will like pink, boys-blue, or green. Perfectly fit yellow, purple, orange shades, thanks to which the children’s room will play with new colors.
Colorful baby blanket.

This video will help you better understand how to properly use your bedding.