The bedroom in a classic style has many variations, while it has certain features. Perfect for the bedroom thanks to the light color scheme, harmony, and quiet accessories. We have selected the best ideas for such bedrooms. Repeat them in their entirety or separate elements.


Who would want a bedroom like this?

The classic style in the interior always remains relevant. Therefore, many prefer timeless classics.

A classic-style bedroom is suitable for a family that adheres to the traditions of European culture. Connoisseurs of antiquity, art, and style of past eras will appreciate simple but elegant design solutions.

It is possible that this style will resonate with people who strive for order and verified proportions in everything. Residents of large megacities try to create a calm and harmonious place in their home. This goal can be achieved with the help of classic interior design.

Classic style in the bedroom interior is often chosen by people with conservative views. A design that corresponds to the classics, in their understanding, is able to reflect a certain social status.

Correct finishing

With all the diversity of the classical style, some features and characteristics that characterize this direction can be distinguished.

  • Colors. The main colors are white and gold. You can also use light shades of green, blue, and beige. The colors of precious metals are used for finishing the cornices.
  • Walls. For walls, you can use a plain Wallpaper or one with “carpet patterns” in muted tones. A good alternative is painting or covering with decorative plaster.
  • Paul. The bedroom in a classic style implies a floor covering in the form of a real set of parquet. A more budget-friendly option is a high-quality laminate in light shades.
  • Order decor. For the bedroom interior, you can choose elements with slight relief. Or order decor can be replaced by a simulation of painting in grisaille technique.

What to choose furniture for a classic bedroom

The main item in any bedroom is the bed. When choosing, you should focus on convenience and the following characteristics that correspond to the classic style:

  • Curved headboard and legs;
  • Decor in the form of stones or rhinestones;
  • Gilding elements.

The style also includes other necessary pieces of furniture, including bedside tables, mirrors, dressing tables, and armchairs.

Bedroom furniture requires a detailed approach. All items should look harmonious, and adhere to the same color scheme. Choosing furniture made of high-quality natural materials.

Proper lighting

For a bedroom in a classic style, three-level lighting is suitable.

◊  The upper level is provided by a central chandelier, which should be large, but at the same time elegant. Models with crystal pendants and single-color plafonds are allowed. This chandelier is attached to a molded socket.
◊  The average level of lighting in the bedroom is represented as a sconce or floor lamp. You can attach two sconces to the bed, and place a floor lamp next to the chair.
◊  Lower lighting is a bedside lamp or night light. Most often, they are placed on tables so that it is possible to read before going to bed.

Several levels of lighting provide a bright and solemn light that characterizes the classic style. But also do not forget that a bedroom is a place for relaxation and privacy, so two levels are usually involved in everyday life.

Accessories and decor

Classic style implies a large number of accessories in the same color scheme. The bed can be decorated with decorative pillows of different sizes. High candlesticks and jewelry boxes can be placed on bedside tables.

Space can also be decorated with paintings, suitable landscapes or portraits. In this design, mirrors, porcelain figurines, and vases will look good.

This style is characterized by an abundance of accessories, so do not be afraid to use too many details. At the same time, accessories must be combined with each other and with the furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to shapes, colors, and materials when choosing.


Textiles play an important role in the bedroom interior. For Windows, you should choose thick curtains of a light shade. In the design, you can use the principle of layering. This means that you will need a thin white tulle, curtains, and lambrequins. Using multiple patterns at the same time is not recommended. It is better to choose plain textiles.

Not only the color is important, but also the material. Satin, velvet, or silk will do. All the listed textures correspond to the classic style and look noble.

Pillows on the bed or chairs can be covered with brocade or other dense fabrics. For accessories, you can use textiles in darker shades.

The choice of textiles for the bed requires special attention. It is best to choose sets in light shades of natural fabrics with classic patterns. A canopy over the bed is welcome.

Design of a bedroom with a blue bed. Photo-project

In a bedroom with a classic design, it is best to choose one color accent. It could be a blue bed. Blue combined with white creates an atmosphere of calm. The bed can be decorated with pillows and a bedspread with a light pattern.

There are miniature vases and photo frames on the bedside tables. On the opposite side of the bed is a great place to install the TV. The bedroom window can be combined with a reading area. For this purpose, a narrow shelf rack is located, and the window sill is converted into an additional seat space.

Bedroom interior in a modern classic style

Modern classic style gives more opportunities for creativity. In this case, it is not necessary to choose only light shades. An excellent base can serve as a cold shade of blue. To make the design not seem gloomy, you should use white elements.

Bedside tables, an elegant sideboard with glass, and high floor lamps are elements of classic style that perfectly fit into the modern design. The bedroom uses two-level lighting, which is quite sufficient for the average size of the room and the presence of a good source of natural light.

Example of a room with a TV

A large bedroom allows you to functionally zone the space. The room can be designed not only for sleeping but also for shared recreation. For this purpose, there is a TV set opposite the bed and shelves for books and accessories on the same wall.

Do not forget that the bed is the main item in the bedroom. Therefore, its decor should be approached responsibly. You can use several shades. As for decorations – pillows of different shapes and sizes. The large window in the bedroom is decorated with white tulle and curtain fabric in two shades.

Bedroom in a classic style in light colors. Photo-project

Light shades in the classic interior give comfort and a sense of large free space. It is not necessary to use only white and beige, but you can add a pastel lavender shade as interesting accents. The headboard, curtains, and other details are made in this color.

As for accessories, miniature figurines, decorative pillows, and paintings.

The bedroom has Central lighting in the form of an elegant chandelier, and two lamps on the bedside tables are provided for reading. Due to the large window in the daytime, the bedroom has enough light.

Bedroom 12 sq. m.

The average size of the bedroom allows you to make a cozy design. The main emphasis is on the bed with a high headboard. For bed decoration, you can use a thick bedspread and several decorative pillows.

On the sides of the bed, there are two cabinets for books and other small things, on which to place lamps.

For the walls, blue shades with a delicate floral pattern are chosen, which correspond to the classic style. White tulle and solid plain curtains are used for window decoration.
Classic style gives unlimited possibilities for creating an individual bedroom interior. Moreover, the classics do not go out of fashion, which means that the interior will not lose its relevance.