Advantages of using natural materials

A bed made of solid wood brings comfort and beauty to the house, lifts the mood of the owner. Among other elements of the bedroom decor, wooden goods are the most presentable. They are well suited both for a traditional interior and for a bedroom furnished in a modern style. The set made of natural wood smells good and does not emit harmful substances.
King size bed wooden.

The bed wooden is usually warm to the touch, which is not true for steel products. The value of natural material consists of absolute safety. Placing it in the bedroom, you take care of the health of each family member. Since this headset has an exclusively natural origin, it calms the mind, gives a night of good sleep and positive emotions.
King wooden bed frames.

The main advantages of solid wood headsets are:

◊  Beauty and aesthetics;
◊  The natural origin of the material;
◊  Health safety;
◊  Durability;
◊  Relevance.
Wooden king sized bed.

Manufacturers of furniture made of natural wood offer customers products for every taste. Their cost depends on the value of the wood species. For example, oak headsets are very strong and reliable.
Wooden platform bed frames.

If you decide to spend more money once and buy just such a product, you will significantly save your family’s budget in the future. Some companies produce sleeping sets with a lifting mechanism, thanks to which it is convenient to store bedding in the bed itself.
Platform bed frame wooden.

Popular materials for furniture manufacturing

Pine is easily processed, and it is not difficult to give the desired shape to the parts that make up the furniture. However, the strength of this material leaves much to be desired, so this wooden bed is considered a budget option. Pine headsets are available in a simple version or with carved decoration.
King size bed frames wooden.

The designs of modern products include not only sleeping places but also the presence of functional drawers, bulky nightstands, as well as beautiful lockers that fit perfectly into a single style. Pine set is relatively inexpensive, but after purchasing it, you can immediately forget about any practicality and durability.
Wooden king platform bed.

Today, furniture companies offer products at fairly low prices. Their products are only in appearance similar to wood products. In fact, it is made of fiberboard or chipboard.
Wooden queen size bed frames.

Chipboard consists of wood shavings, which are added a special glue. The mixed mass is first formed into sheets, then pressed and dried. To give the product a look similar to natural wood, the plates are glued with a veneer made from a thin layer of natural wood. This technology allows you to get a cheap material suitable for making furniture. To recognize a fake, you need to take a good look at the end sections. If there are sawdust visible, such furniture will not last long.
Wooden queen bed frame.

The most valuable solid wood species for bedroom furniture are the following:

◊  Mahogany;
◊  Noble wenge;
◊  Oak;
◊  Cedar;
◊  Nut.
Simple wooden bed frame.

Birch is an environmentally friendly material. It does not emit unpleasant odors. The air around the products is disinfected and becomes cleaner. However, birch is very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, in the bedroom where the birch product is located, moderate humidity should always be maintained. There should also be no sudden temperature changes. It is best to install such beds in the children’s room. A birch wooden bed is much stronger than a similar product made of pine.
Wooden full size bed frames.

Colors of products made of different types of wood

The nut is very strong and easy to process. The color shade of the final product is determined by the type of wood used. It can be slightly gray, brown, or very dark.
Wooden double bed frame.

Maple products have a slightly shiny yellowish hue.
King bed frame wooden.

If a wooden bed is made of ash wood, it may have a rather unusual appearance, because it is very flexible. This allows you to decorate the back with carved figures, give the legs an elegant curve. Product blanks are easily sanded and polished. During drying, they are not covered with small cracks.
Wooden platform bed frame.

Natural ash has a pleasant Golden color, but most manufacturers usually use different toning. This wooden bed is environmentally safe and can serve for decades.
Wooden slat bed frame.

Most often, customers are offered these products:

◊  Single-seat models;
◊  Bunk bed;
◊  Folding sofa;
◊  Beds with side tables.
White wooden bed frame king.

The room should be ventilated more often and free from dust. The polished surface should be wiped with a cotton cloth, while not allowing excessive moisture to the product. If there are small cracks or scratches, they must be treated with a special primer or varnish. In order for a wooden bed to be of good quality and serve for a long time, you need to ask the company that made it.
Wooden queen size bed frame.

Secrets of the successful purchase of wooden furniture

Buying a bed made of solid wood, do not forget that it should last for more than one year. Therefore, you need to approach the choice with full responsibility. After all, today a large number of companies are entering the markets that want to make a quick profit without much effort. Such products usually do not meet the necessary quality requirements, but the cost is small. To avoid regretting an unsuccessful purchase, do not be tempted by a low price, but rather add money and buy a quality product.
Wooden queen size bed.

For a small room where one person lives, a single bed is better. These products have a very simple design, are made of inexpensive wood, such as pine or birch.
Single wooden bed frames.

It is advisable for a married couple to use larger models. These products are usually decorated with carvings or other decorative elements that make the product look elegant and presentable.
Wooden bed with drawers.

Children’s wooden bed is most often made in a bunk version because this product is usually in high demand. On the first floor, the child can organize a zone for various games, the second floor will serve as a place of rest.
Wooden bunk bed.

For small rooms made of solid wood, sofa beds are made.
Convertible sofa bed queen size.

In order to save money, a wooden bed can be made with your own hands. Sleeping on an item of your own making will be very pleasant. In addition, to make the product look harmonious in the bedroom, it is much easier to fit it into a specific interior yourself.
Wooden twin bed frame.

The main design directions are:

◊  Provencal style;
◊  Modern art Nouveau;
◊  Oriental style;
◊  Classic version.
Wooden box bed frame.

The classic is a massive bed with carved elements, inlays of velvet, metal or stones.
Classic bedroom with wooden classic bed.

To create a Provencal style, light wood is used. Most often, ash or birch is used here.
French provencal bed.

Bed design

A distinctive feature of modern art Nouveau is its simplicity and high level of functionality. Any joints are made invisible, sharp corners are smoothed as much as possible.
Modern wooden platform bed.

The Eastern style is characterized by extreme asceticism, combined with rational minimalism. Beds are usually low, made of wood belonging to the dark varieties.
Eastern king bed frame.

Most of the available single and double beds. Thanks to this furniture, the bedroom becomes aesthetically attractive, having a kind of comfort. These products have refined and attractive shapes, looking at which a person after a busy day can finally come to his senses and relax.
Modern wooden bed.

If you decide to give the bedroom a classic style, a beautiful wooden bed will help to make your wish a reality. However, here you should correlate the size of the product with space. In a large room, you can install a double bed.
Wooden bed frames full.

Some people want to create a rustic rough style in the bedroom. To do this, the room is arranged with maximum simplicity. As an ideal option, there will be furniture made of birch, which has its own natural color. Decorative processing of wooden parts is performed with the effect of scuffs, which give the product an appropriate appearance. In General, the bed looks as if it has recently come out from under the ax. Such decor is preferred by young people or a very romantic nature.
Rustic california king bed.

And finally

To make the bedroom look Oriental, the bed should be made of solid wood, emphasizing a strict ascetic style. The podium is made as low as possible. The color of the product is selected in accordance with the color of the room itself. You can use the contrast effect when decorating the bedroom. If your room is olive in color, black furniture will be a good contrast. For a pink or brown bedroom, beige beds are better suited.
Classic bed room.