A small-sized or one-room apartment often does not allow you to use space as efficiently as possible. But everyone wants to create comfort in their home, and therefore there are a lot of options for furniture to put all the furniture in one small room.

So, for example, to save space and not lose the functionality of the room will help chairs-beds.

Advantages and disadvantages

Compact armchairs-beds are designed for a small room, and like any other furniture, they have their pros and cons.

The advantages include compactness, mobility, and cost. As a rule, these products are easy to move from place to place, save space, and have affordable prices.

A minus can be considered a small bed, which is obtained after it is laid out. It will not be possible to spread your arms and legs on it, as on a full-fledged bed.

Types of models

In furniture stores, you can find a lot of small chairs of any design and color. They have different prices, and therefore are designed for all segments of the population:

  • With orthopedic mattress. Their main difference is their versatility and versatility. They have strong construction, and they are covered with resistant to heavy loads. This product has a small weight, and therefore it is easy to move. It is important that the orthopedic mattress ensures the correct position of the sleeping person’s body, and therefore eliminates the possibility of curvature of the spine.

  • With a box for linen. This model is characterized by ergonomics, capacity, and compactness. As a rule, the volume of the box allows you to fit only bedding in it.

  • For children. Child safety seats are designed for small rooms in order to save space. This model allows you to fold the product during the day to make room for games. the folding Mechanism is so easy that even a small child can handle it.

  • The corner chair will help to save useful space, increasing the ergonomics of the environment. Some models can have wheels or legs and have any shape. Compact size and practical coverage allow you to place the chair in any room.

A lot depends on the upholstery of the product. For example, leather is characterized by quality and practicality. The standard size of the sleeping space by the chair-bed is 180×90 centimeters, so it can accommodate not only a child but also an adult.

A comfortable chair for a small child should have an original design and shape, but so that they look harmoniously in the interior. The base of the product must have an orthopedic mattress. It should also be free of height differences and gaps.

The mechanisms of unfolding

A chair-bed for a small room should be equipped with a convenient mechanism so that it does not need to use a lot of effort and space to unfold it. Modern models have a variety of designs, shapes, and styles.

Folding furniture should have a strong and reliable machine that is suitable for daily work.

Main options for mechanisms for regular use:

  • “Accordion” is laid out using the back, which turns into two parts of the bed, supplemented by a third party. As a result-a smooth surface without gaps and irregularities, so this option is ideal for small children.

  • The pull-out mechanism is an inverted seat. In this version, cracks may appear, and its height does not exceed 30 centimeters from the floor covering. But it is quite strong and reliable and equipped with a small storage box.

  • “Eurobook”. You can get a bed if the seat is pushed forward, and put the back on an empty place. This option is very compact, so you can put it in a small room, placing its back to the wall.

  • “Click-blot” can be made in two versions: sectional or one-piece mattress. To expand the chair, you need to raise the seat to a characteristic click and lower it. The product is folded in the same way.

  • “Dolphin” is a seat under which there is a folding section. When the folding part of the bed is rolled out, it stands on the same level with the seat, forming a full-fledged bed.

It is best to buy domestic products because they are more durable and have a long service life. Imported chair-beds are not designed for daily use, and therefore their design can not always withstand the load.

Choice of manufacturing material

After studying all types of mechanisms and models of chairs-beds, you need to carefully study the materials for making each part. Furniture must meet international standards and be safe for human health. That is why it should be equipped with an orthopedic mattress that will not damage the spine.

The filling of the product can have a spring block, polyurethane foam, or a mixed version.

Sectional models usually have spring blocks. They create additional resistance in the loose parts of the folding furniture. Thanks to the springs on the product, no folds are formed and a solid sleeping place is obtained. They also provide optimal orthopedic results.

Regular and orthopedic chairs use polyurethane foam. It helps to raise the level of elasticity and firmness of the product. The top layer can be latex so that the product itself is softer. For this reason, even a hard chair will have a nice and comfortable cover.

The mixed version includes coconut coir and polyurethane foam. Often this option is present in furniture made to order and has a leather coating. Combined fillers are more durable and designed for frequent use, so they can replace a small bed.

A chair-bed for a small room should not only have a compact size, but also a stable structure, as well as a sufficient size of the bed.

If the product is intended for a children’s room, it should have the most simple folding mechanism and wear-resistant upholstery, as well as a bright and memorable design.

This video will show you the unusual properties of bedchairs.